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Affordable Homes through EEH

EEH® — Affordable Housing Magic


No doubt about it: the world needs more magic. For many families finding an affordable home in the Northbay seems like an impossible task. 

NFH has been making magic happen for families in similar positions through a unique program called Employers Empowering Homeownership® (EEH®). The genesis of EEH was a genuinely grassroots affair. Concerned local employers came to the Northbay Family Homes’ office asking, “How can I help my employees buy homes?” “Is there a loan application we can help them fill out?” “Is there a program for our people?” From their involvement and support, the EEH program was born.

EEH is a carefully designed initiative that combines the nonprofit resources and knowledge of Northbay Family Homes Corporate Real Estate Brokerage with buyer education, realtor services and expertise working with new homebuyers. Through leveraging our resources and competently utilizing products designed to secure low interest rates and grants through Community Reinvestment Act mandates, we can help the workforce buy a home closer to their place of work.

Like the fabled three wishes from the genie in the magic lamp, it sounds too good to be true. But the dream of homeownership is no illusion. This home-buying assistance program allows employers to do something heroic yet humble: help people they care about get homes of their own. The program profoundly benefits employers, employees and the larger community:

  • Employees living near their work cut commute time, leaving more energy and enthusiasm for their jobs, and more time at the end of a day to spend in their homes with their families. These new homeowners are more financially secure.
  • Employers reap immediate benefits of higher levels of energy and contentment on the job. Employees that live and work in the same neighborhood means less employee turnover.
  • Neighborhoods where people live, work and play together are attractive to local businesses that help sustain an economically viable community.

It may sound like magic, but this is not a fantasy. Many San Francisco Bay Area prospective homebuyers are under the misguided perception that it is impossible for them to buy a home. We’re working hard to correct this misperception. We know how disheartening it can be finding affordable housing for one's family. But now we have helped people who thought homeownership was unattainable for them, and we've delivered results that are life-changing.

We strive to support the heroic employers who proactively support homeownership investment for their employees. And when I think of smiling new homeowners and their families, I truly enjoy the reality and the fact—not fiction—that they are living the dream of homeownership.


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