For 31 years, Northbay Family Homes has worked with developers, investors and municipalities to spur the creation of more affordable homes in Novato, the North Bay, and in the Greater Bay Area. To date, we've facilitated over 4,000 homes representing a total leveraged investment in excess of $150 million.

While Northbay Family Homes’ primary goal is affordable-home ownership, we also recognize that rental units are an important part of the local housing mix. Several of our larger projects involve the creation of both ownership and rental units on the same parcel of land. Some projects have included other commercial and office uses as well. We've divided our list of projects into these three categories:


  • Ownership – Projects created primarily for sale to homebuyers
  • Rental – Projects created for rental units only
  • Mixed Use – Projects containing both ownership and rental homes and/or other office, commercial, or retail uses



Home ownership remains the American Dream — and the goal of most Northbay families as it's their single biggest step toward building wealth over a lifetime.

Northbay Family Homes has assisted many homebuilders in constructing products that are available for ownership by workforce families. Our depth of knowledge and industry contacts allow us to guide private-sector homebuilders in producing affordable homes faster, more efficiently, and with sufficient return on investment. We've assisted in the creation of both single-family and attached housing with projects including from two homes to 200 or more on a single site.

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As people prepare to buy their first home, they must establish a history of personal and financial stability. Our rental-home projects, whether apartments or townhomes, are an essential step in this important progression toward home ownership.

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Mixed-Use is a building concept that maximizes the number of homes that can be built at a given site by including additional uses, such as retail, office, or rental homes on the same site.

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