About Us

About Us

Our non-profit mission is helping people move into homes they own, closer to work.

Affordable housing has never been more important. Since our founding in 1978, we have helped almost 10,000 people move into over 4,000 homes of their own in the Northbay area. Many of these homes made local living possible for families who would otherwise been renters or had to commute long distances to work.



Northbay Family Homes (NFH) and

Suburban Alternatives Land Trust (SALT)

Our mission is powered by two non-profit agencies working closely together – Northbay Family Homes (NFH) and Suburban Alternatives Land Trust (SALT). Together, we are able to provide more effective solutions than a single agency.

Northbay Family Homes is primarily engaged in supporting local families afford housing. We provide education, links to financial resources, and transactional support to make this possible. We provide support to local employers in helping the local workforce afford homes in the area. More about NFH -- for buyers.

Closely affiliated with NFH, SALT assists homebuilders conceptualize projects that meet a community’s wants and jurisdictions' constraints. We bring together our expertise in planning, financing and executing affordable housing projects to help ensure that builders, investors and developers have sound economic reasons for creating more local affordable homes. More about SALT -- for builders.

Our Staff

All of the company's employees have dedicated themselves to building strong and caring communities through creating opportunities for home ownership for the workforce who wants to call the North Bay their home. More about the NFH staff.

Our Board

The knowledgeable and respected people who serve as directors of Northbay Family Homes have a combined 137 years of experience in the housing industry. Their backgrounds include work in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, including work with Fortune 500 companies. Northbay Family Homes is honored to be served by this wealth of talent. More about the NFH board.